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GreenGosborn267 writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman, awesome job with the Spectacular Spiderman, by far the best adaptation of the character. The main reason I'm writing is about the Green Goblin. You said this story was planned since day one, I had a feeling. When I saw Harry taking the green I still knew Norman was the Goblin. Except when Goblin was unmasked to be Harry which completely through me off. Then when season 2 came around I knew Norman was going to be the goblin but in a what was his curse became my gift kinda thing. Then when he was telling the story Goblin's facial expressoins became clear, the Chameleon thing was well put together everything was just nicely done. I still have a hunch Norman will comeback before Harry does anything with the green goblin. I think Norman is more darker than Harry ever was so I think he's gonna come back and unmask the Hobgoblin, go through the whole Gwen story (if allowed) I don't know I just feel that way...which proves this story was incredible because I'm still guessing. Goblin has become my favorite Spidey character thanks to this series (he was always number 2, right behind venom and in front of carnage) so thanks.
and a question just so you can add something more to your to-do list:
which is your favorite green goblin story arc in the comics? (Amazing, Spectacular, Ultimate, any comic just pick an arc.)

Greg responds...

I'm partial to the Lee/Ditko and Lee/Romita days, myself.

Response recorded on September 15, 2009