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Phoenician writes...

Well, having seen "Reinforcement," I've got to say that at this point it is my favorite of the first three. Though to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if my favorite keeps changing as the season progresses.

And this one is off to such a great start, with Spidey doing a little Q&A with Blackie Gaxton and company at the local bar . . .

"Wow Did your parents have foresight or what?" . . . why do I feel that this line MAY have went over Patch's head?

Reading this will no doubt show I loved every minute of this episode, but what was really notable for me was the fact that I really began to love the Electro character here. Despite me enjoying the previous episodes with Electro, the guy just didn't really appeal to me like the other villains have. Maybe it was this dynamic turn of "Enough with Max, I'm Electro!" . . . it just really stood out.

"I've had bad experiences with cats" . . . I hope we get some more elaboration on that one day d:

Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Square . . . this is so New York-y I love it . . . not really for New York City's sake, but the fact that the crew ir really taking advantage of the setting.

And I have to be honest -- my thought of the Christmas Tree lighting up DID throw my mind back to Home Alone 2 . . . oh I can hear the John Williams music now X-)

Flash's face is hilarious when it looks like Kong is about slam him.

And then Gwen/Peter hit the fan . . . ouch. Totally don't blame Gwen here . . . Peter's eyes have been EVERYWHERE these last few episodes.

And as if Mary Jane could read my mind, she totally calls out Peter for being 'too distracted' . . . THANK YOU, MJ :) This is no doubt my favorite scene with MJ . . . even knocking the classic "Face it, Tiger" back in season one. She's only seen Pete ogle at Gwen, Liz, and herself . . . if only she knew of Black Cat d:

"Spider-Man . . . come out to play!" -- Not a remarkable line, but Electro really delivered it well. Kudos to Crispin Freeman (and by the end of the ep, probably the entire cast as well)

And then Spidey's tongue is burnt . . . he just can not catch a break this winter, can he? First its too cold and now its too hot -- hilarious!

Flash not getting shocked -- that was cool.

"Yu burwnt da Cwistmas Twee? DEE Cwistmas Twee? Hawrsh!" I wonder if Home Alone's Kevin is crying his eyes out at this very moment.

"Sign my cast?" -- Spidey should . . . he could use the good PR :)

"Sparks and Flaps were just the appetizer!" . . . Wonder what he calls the rest of the Six?

Rhino trying to be clever . . . let's just say I really appreciate Spidey's banter all the more :)

"Can't we put our differences aside for one night?" SMACK "No" . . . another reason why this Christmas episode rocks so much (shame it couldn't come out at that time last winter)

"I hate you. SO much." Perhaps my favorite moment in the series ever.

"ARACHNID!!" I know it was Kraven as it was shouted . . . but I can see how he was trying to impersonate Doc Ock (especially with the hologram projection).

Speaking of which, I also like how Shocker was in the hologram . . giving Spidey the false sense that its the same Six he's beaten (or not beaten, given the symbiote's role) before.

Speaking of which, why WASN'T Shockey hired to the new Six? Did he get the Knicks tickets this time around?

"Yikes. Lock your chimneys folks!" -- Still haven't seen JJJ in person yet, but it feels like he's around, doesn't it?

"The pack wears prey down . . . For Alpha-Male to crush" -- Kraven seems quite content, doesn't he?

And then we hit the mall for some last minute shopping . . . with some wonderful background music.

"Nullae satisfacionis potiri non possum!" . . . love that line.

Other great quips:
"Well you ARE expert of premature glotalation"
"Call my lawyer / NO Christmas Spirit!" These little guys are seriously growing on me.
"Aw, Fudge" . . . its been a long night, Spidey . . . I think you're allowed ONE swear word before the year ends. d:

And then Mysterio gets called out for wearing both a Fishbowl AND a snowglobe . . . Spidey's really been on a bantering role tonight. You know, while finally pounding and defeating the Six on his own.

Creepy ending with Ock being kidnapped like that . . . can't wait for the next ep.

And just as this awesome and action episode come to a close, we are reminded that, hey, it is the holidays . . . and the first one without Uncle Ben . . . what a great way to end the episode.

Greg responds...

Shocker still is way more in the Big Man's camp than the Master Planner's.

Response recorded on September 22, 2009