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Big Bob Letus Boy writes...

Hey Greg. First of all, thanks for Spectacular Spider-Man. Not only it is the best Spider-Man adaptation ever (even better than the Spider-Man movies) but it is also the second greatest cartoon in the history of cartoons. Your show has pretty much surpassed every single show out there. The only show it did not surpass yet is Batman: The Animated Series. When Spectacular Spider-Man will reach 65 episodes, it will definitely surpass Batman: TAS and then it will be the best show ever. But until that day comes, Spectacular Spider-Man will stay as the second best show ever. I have no question but I have some opinions about the villains you created that I want to share:

Vulture - I was never really a big fan of the Vulture so I wasn't really excited to see him but he turned out great. Way better than the Vulture from the 90s show who sucked out youth from people (what the heck?!!)

Enforcers - Finally! The first Spider-Man show to have the Enforcers! I've been waiting for this for a long time.

Hammerhead - His voice and attitude are incredible. This is how Hammerhead should have been done from the beginning.

Electro - AWESOME LOOK!! I've always hated Electro's look with the stupid star mask. His new look is sweet. Beautiful look! BEAUTIFUL!!! And I'm so happy he is not the Red Skull's son like in the 90s show.

Lizard - I love how Connors keeps experimenting on himeself from the start of the series and eventually turns into the Lizard. I've never really liked the idea of Lizard having a human mind. It love how he is all brainless in this show.

Shocker - Many people hate Shocker because you he is Montana. I personally think Montana makes a way better Shocker than Herman. Great choice!

Sandman - Here are the 3 reasons why I like Sandman in this show:
1. He was introduced as a bank robber always humiliated by Spider-Man and later turned in by him every single time until he becomes Sandman
2. Him not being uncle Ben's killer like in Spider-Man 3
3. For once his personality is like the one from the main comics

Rhino - Two things I will say:
1. Great design and voice actor
2. He is really funny and that's why I like him

Tombstone - Once again, grat voice actor and design. I like him better as the king of New York crime than as a hitman.

Green Goblin - I won't say anything. This villain is so awesome that I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. It's hard to believe taht a human can create such a character. Words don't even describe what a great job you did.

Doc Ock - Just like the Green Goblin, I'm speechless.

Black Cat - This version of Black Cat is 100% like the one from the comics. I love how she flirts with Spidey and I'm also happy that she's not a supersoldier with a six pack(which was a ripoff of Captain America). She's also the hottest girl in the show so far.

Chameleon - Once again, amazing, no! SPECTACULAR job! I love his accent and how he is for once based on the original Chameleon (with the masks and not the magic belt)

Sinister Six - Great line-up for both and great teamwork. I'm glad Doc Ock's the leader and not Kingpin like the 90s show.

Venom - Same as GG and Doc Ock - SPEECHLESS!!! I love how Spider-Man's suit starts out as the one from the movie and then changes more and more like the one from the comic. I also like how the symbiote slowly takes over Peter's life instead of him being taken over right when the symbiote bonds with him. The flashbacks with Uncle Ben in "Intervention" makes that episode my favorite one out of all 26 episodes. As for the character Venom, as I said earlier, SPEECHLESS!!!

I am going to stop right here because it's late and I'm tired. I'll continue tommorow with the season 2 villains.

Greg responds...

Thanks. I'm really glad you like the show!

Response recorded on September 24, 2009