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Bibg Bob Letus Boy writes...


Mysterio - Great accent. I love how he always replaces himself with a robot before getting arrested. This Mysterio is more of a "magical crook" which is a great idea. Mysterio in this show is way better than he was in the 90s where he got blown up in a cave with a disfigured girl (What the heck?!! so random!!)

Tinkerer - I love his white suit or whatever and I also like how he's not a grandpa like in the comics. And Finally!!! Tinkerer adapted on the screen!

Master Planner - Great way to trick us. I was sure Doc Ock was the Master Planner at first because he was in the comics but after seeing him in "Reinforcement" I was having second thoughts. Then in "Shear Strength", everything made sense.

Kraven - Most people will complain about his transformation into a lion or whatever. I think that's a great idea and that's how Kraven should have been all along from the start. It was always a little weird how a human dressed like Tarzan could overpower Spiderman. Thebest part about Kraven is that he is for once like in the comics. In the 90s show, he was a good guy (Which was a little weird).

Calypso - We haven't seen a lot of her so far but she's still better than the scientist Calypso from TAS.

Colonel Jupiter - Well, he was pretty good. I was expecting Man-Wolf but I'm pretty sure he will become Man-Wolf in the first episode of season 3 (I don't know why I think that; I just have this feeling he will be in the first one). That will probably set up for the Scorpion.

Silver Sable - I like her better as the daughter of Silvermane than some crazy Russian lady leading a bunch of soldier or whatever.

New Enforcers - I like the Enforcers better as human but the New Enforcers are also pretty good.

Silvermane - The mecha suit was a little off character but he is still way better than the Silvermane from the 90s who used some magic tablet to restore his youth and then being strong enough to fight the Lizard. And don't get me started on hiim being a toddler with an adult mind.

Molten Man - Mark makes a better Molten Man than the scientist one from the comics. But I have a question: Since the Green Goblin had the remote and now he is defeated, did Spidey find the remote somewhere in the stashes and gave it to Mark or something? In other words, what happened to Mark after the Goblin's "death?"

Walter Hardy - I like how he's connected to Black Cat with this. Great choice!!

Greg responds...

Thanks again. As for Mark/Molten Man -- you'll just have to wait and see.

Response recorded on September 24, 2009