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Moritz writes...


I wanted to ask a question: When is the Spectaculart Spider-Man Series scheduled for release in Germany? I really want to support this show. I saw some episodes while I was out of my country and I have to say: BAM! Das ist das Beste was ich je gesehen hab! It captures EVERYTHING I like about the webslinger. It's better than the original universe, better than the Ultimate Universe and better than everything else related to Spidey. Why is that so? Well you took the best from every incarnation and made an awesome cocktail out of it. Add a ton of excellent storytelling and you have a masterpiece.
I hope and pray that you will get to make as many seasons as you think you'll need to finish what you want to tell about our favourite Wallcrawler.

Hopefully the Studios won't "Squash yer bug".

Moritz out.

Greg responds...

Thanks. I'm afraid I don't know when the series is coming to Germany.

Response recorded on September 29, 2009