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Bob writes...

Hello there Greg Weisman. I have a question about the "Reinforcement" episode of Spectacular Spider-Man. It was a great episode but there was something that confused me. What was the point of those 3 pair fights? I've already read your answer on how Doc Ock thought pairs would do better because it would exhaust Spider-Man and other members won't get in the way (you know, it was that question asked by a guy who didn't like Reinforcement). But I don't understand why they did it? Did they do it to try to destory Spider-Man or was that just to distract Spider-Man while Doc Ock would escape from Ravencroft?

Greg responds...

It had nothing to do with the escape. That happened later.

The idea was to destroy Spidey if they could (and splitting up seemed like the best method given their previous experience), but to at least distract him at least temporarily from hunting down the "Master Planner" at the very least (which they succeeded in doing.

Response recorded on October 02, 2009