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Frank writes...

Hello Greg, I would like to say The Spectacular Spiderman is one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen. The best Spiderman adaptation ever. (including the movies) I do have a few questions though...

1.) In Shear Strength Morris Bench made a cameo, not as Hydro-Man, so I was thinking he might be in Season 3 or something, but there was a question that stated something about the sinister syndicate and you said most of those villains aren't even spiderman villains. So I was wondering is Hydro Man declared a Spiderman villain or someone like fantastic four.

2. Just to clear things up, The correct answers to these questions are, You do like Carnage, Shocker is Montana on a creative decision, Kingpin is Daredevil's villain so you can't use him, and this is the best show ever, right.

3. Why did you make gwen well like me, ya know a geek. I actually prefer her this way, she still is beautiful and more likeable than someone who is completely perfect in every way shape or form.

4. Did you say Norman's body was found? How, because that Mr. Roman dude was at the airport unless he cloned himself. P.S not a big fan of the clone saga too confusing.

That's it basically, So thank you for Spectacular Spiderman and hope the following seasons are as great as the first two.

Greg responds...

1. Hydro-Man is a Spidey villain.

2. Yes, to the first three. As to the fourth, I'll leave that to others to decide. But I am quite fond of it.

3. I've answered this before, but the short answer is Gwen was ALWAYS a brain. We're just seeing her in high school. For a fuller answer, check the archives.

4. No clones involved in this one. A body was found that was formally identified as Norman's.

Response recorded on October 06, 2009