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Bazell writes...

In a previous response you wrote, "I like to think we executed [The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series] well, but let's face it -- ANY Spidey show would do pretty well just by virtue of it being Spidey. I can't exactly take credit for the character's popularity. All I can do is strive to do him justice. It's for others to judge if we succeeded, though we succeeded well enough to satisfy me. I'm biased, of course, but my standards are pretty high."
In a very brief conversation I once had with Tom Defalco at a convention this year, he told me that it was his opinion that writers' particular runs with an established character come and go, but what the job of each writer is, regardless of the individual direction he or she wishes to take things, is to fully inhabit the character. I think this is in keeping with what you said. I just want you to know, my standards are pretty high as well and I think your show, as a portrayal of Mr. Peter Benjamin Parker, is a success no matter what the future holds.

Greg responds...

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Response recorded on October 09, 2009