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Mo writes...

Me again, with just a few more Spidey questions:

1) Where/when/how did Tombstone get powers? I'm assuming he has powers (enhanced strength, durability, reflexes) (if this is Season 3/No comment territory, I understand).
2) In "Identity Crisis", where did Flash get a Spider-Man costume? How did he put it on with a toe-to-thigh cast?
3) How much does the average Mysterio machine cost? More specifically, how much money does Spidey burn through every time he destroys a robot or a homonculus?
4) How do you come up with story ideas? Is it like "It would be cool if..." or is it more like "This villain should show up" or "This facet of Peter/Spidey's life should be established"? Or does it vary?
5) Does popular television personality/presidential candidate Stephen Colbert exist in the universe of Spectacular Spidey?

Thanks again.

Greg responds...

1. No comment.

2a. At a costume shop. 2b. With difficulty and some ripping.

3. No idea.

4. It varies, but we build it. Most ideas are inspired by the source material and/or come out of character.

5. Is he public domain?

Response recorded on October 09, 2009