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fred writes...

hey greg, huge spectacular spiderman fan, loved it since day one. although i have some questions...
1. are ratings the only thing this show needs to continue?

2. is it possible that spiderman could be commisioned for a season 4 and 5 at the same time as 3?

3. if someone approached you and asked will you come up with a story for a spectacular spiderman game would you accept?

4. if norman's body was found and everybody knows he's the goblin inside and outside the animated universe than there is really no possibilty he will come back is there?

5. would you like stan lee to have any more cameos?

6. how big of a fan are you of carnage, i know you like him but is he like goblin level or shocker level?

7. last question, the DVD things after this show is over, are they a for sure or just a maybe?


Greg responds...

1. As far as I know, that'll be the main deciding factor.

2. Anything's possible.

3. Sure.

4. No comment.

5. Yes.

6. I'm not big on quantifying subjective things.

7. Just something I'd like to do.

Response recorded on October 19, 2009