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Paul writes...

1) Will the deal between Tombstone and Venom in "Nature vs. Nurture" be brought up again in future seasons? I was surprised that it wasn't referenced in season 2.

2) When the gang war arc for season 2 was being scripted, was it originally intended for the Fisks to be used as the crime family attempting to reclaim their power, instead of the Manfredis? The way Silvermane was written in season 2 strikes me as though his role was originally intended for Kingpin, just as Tombstone's role was originally intended for Kingpin. So were you hoping to use Kingpin in the gang war arc, only to find that you couldn't? (I guess this is 2 questions, rather than 1.)

Greg responds...

1. Kinda was cancelled when the Symbiote was concreted.

2. No. By this time, we knew that Kingpin was off-limits. And Silvermane was always slotted to be Silvermane.

Response recorded on October 20, 2009