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Bud-Clare writes...

Now that I've gotten this nasty contest out of my system, I have... a suggestion for the next contest. It's totally and completely frivolous, but it'd be a lot more fun than this one. (I'm very tired right now, so correct spelling and grammer are optional.)

I thought that your answer to the question of what Elisa would have been like if she had been born in Hong Kong during the Industrial Revolution (or something like that) was really funny. So, I was thinking... maybe for the next contest, you could think up another bizarre hypothetical question, and we could write those tiny little essays, and the person who makes up the best answer wins, say, that box of paperclips off of your desk. _I_ think it sounds like fun, anyway. (Of course, I'm very easily amused, so maybe you should get a second opinion.)

Greg responds...

I'll think about it.

Response recorded on October 19, 2000