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Chris Krause writes...

Hey Greg.

First off, Kudos for finally making a media incarnation of Spider-man that really captures the essence of the character. I haven't enjoyed any of the other cartoons, nor the movies as much as your show.

Moving on, I had a question concerning both the Stacy's. I've really enjoyed the relationship you've set up with Peter and Captain Stacy. It reminds me very much of a Gordon/Batman-esque relationship, with Stacy all but saying he knows who Spidey is (much like Gordon has done throughout the years with Bats.) Now, I think we all know the future of Captain Stacy in the comics, but I was wondering if you were toying around with the idea of sparing this particular Stacy that fate.

Being a comic fan, I naturally shy away from changing big events like that, but I can't imagine Batman without Gordon, and after seeing the relationship you've established between Stacy and Pete, I'm not sure I want to see a Spider-man without a Captain Stacy.

Leading into that, we all also know the fate of Gwen in the comics. I've read that you were toying around with doing this in a direct to dvd format, after you get to do a full run of the series, which I think would be a great idea, because I personally think The Death of Gwen Stacy story could be great material to rival other great animated superhero movies like "Mask Of The Phantasm."

Going off the first question, I was wondering, if you do decide to do a Gwen's Death movie, if you've considered leaving Captain Stacy alive for that as well. Watching how Stacy has (apparently) deduced Spidey's identity, it made me wonder how he would react to Peter since Peter's involvement in his daughter's life lead to her death.

Any who, thanks again! I really hope you get picked up for a third season. Watching Spectacular Spidey makes me wish they had picked up you to write the movies. When they reboot the Spidey series (probably 20 years down the road) you should jump on that!

Greg responds...

No comment.

Response recorded on October 23, 2009