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Pete writes...

forgot a few things...

1.) You said you couldnt think of anything u couldnt do beyond realistic gun shots, so can you say the word die, death, kill, killing, etc. (because the 90's series couldn't) and it seem you have been avoiding like electro saying i'll fry you for that freak, and Walter Hardy saying the night i ended ben parkers life.

2. Are you aloud to kill people, even if it is off screen.

3. Who is your favorite Goblin? (Green Goblin, Green Goblin II, Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin II, Demogoblin, I'll even count Mad Jack, etc.)

4. Who is your favorite symbiote?

5. In The Uncertainty Principle, was that a Man-Wolf cameo, and if it was, whos idea wass it.

6. In Destructiv Testing what did Calypso say to Kraven when he awoke in the car and said this change I...? All i got out of it wa "then I suit you love."

7. I love how these battle scenes are from the comics like Mysterio in the warehouse, Kraven in the park (when he trapped him in the webs in the trees), How he defeated Venom by tricking him, and others. Also love the other battle scenes, so my question is are you for making animated series and movies as close to the comic as possible?

this is all i can think of, hoping for a season 3, 4, 5, 6,....100, lol

Greg responds...

1. "Kill" is still, I'm guessing, verboten. I didn't even try to use it though, because I'm so used to the answer being no. So, who knows?

2. Yes. And we did.

3. No comment.

4. No comment.

5. No comment.

6. Something like "The eyes suit you, my love."

7. When it makes sense for us.

Response recorded on October 27, 2009