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Nick writes...

I love this Spidey series, the animation, fight scenes, character and story development, and the theme song is just, well, Spectacular.

Can't wait for a Season 3 and 4, 5, hope it gets as many as possible, and I do have a couple of questions...

1. In the DVD things you have planned after this series is over are they gonna be more mature and maybe show an older peter ya' know him going to college and everything like that?

2. would you still need permission to use kingpin in the dvd's?

3. would you consider your venom more ultimate or amazing.

Greg responds...

1. There's nothing "planned". There's just a bit of wishful thinking on my part. But yes, I'd like the series to cover the high school years. And then do DVDs of the college years.

2. Yes.

3. It's a meld of many canon sources.

Response recorded on October 27, 2009