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Meg writes...

"Vic Cook and I will be signing promotional postcards and talking about MECHA-NATION, our new comic book series (with Greg Guler and Antonio Campo). This was a project that was seen at a couple of Gatherings and was previously announced with SLG. Unfortunately, SLG had to bail, but the good folks at APE scooped it up. "

Hi Greg,
I realize that SLG has been good to the Gargoyles fandom, and that you seem to have a great working partnership with them. That said, while I don't want to disrespect SLG or anything like that, if they can't make continuing Gargoyles financially feasible, is there any chance that the comics might be able to continue at APE?

Greg responds...

I don't know if Ape is interested, but I KNOW SLG is. So what's the point of jumping ship -- even hypothetically -- now?

Response recorded on November 02, 2009