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Spidey#1fan writes...

1. If you can't borrow Kingpin what crime boss will you use? Owl?

2. I heard something about Beetle and Boomerang being in SSM is it true?

3. You think you will use Morbius and Manwolf?

4. How heavily "toned down" does Carnage have to be to be in the show?

Greg responds...

1. As of the end of Season Two, I couldn't use Owl either. But I've got plenty of crime bosses already.

2. Seriously, WHERE did you hear that? Or did you just make it up? Anyway, Beetle's currently unavailable: officially he's not a Spidey villain. I'd have to check on Boomerang.

3. No comment.

4. How heavily toned down did you want him to be?

And just curious? Is there one question above that I haven't already answered? Let's check the ASK GREG Archives.

Hmmm... Nope. All been answered before. Some of them multiple times.

Response recorded on November 03, 2009