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Jim writes...

At what point would you say Stacy deduced Spidey's identity?

I always figured his "I know who you are, Pete" at the end of the Master Planner arc as having a double meaning. I can't decide if he knew during Thanksgiving dinner, it seems like it could go either way. But while he had certainly been studying him prior to "Persona," I didn't get the vibe that he had figured it out at that point.

So is there a definitive moment or time period you can point to that says, "He has figured it out now, we just won't let the viewer know for sure until 'Identity Crisis?'"

Greg responds...

I don't see how I can comment on this one way or the other, as it seems to take for granted the idea that Stacy knows Spidey's secret identity.

Response recorded on November 04, 2009