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MasterGandalf writes...

I've been loving Spectacular Spider-man, and I've got questions about two of the most important villains:

1. In "Final Curtain", Osborn says that the version of the Green he took prevented the same kind of instability that Harry exhibited- but throughout the episode Norman exhibits instability of his own, albeit more tightly controlled. Was he wrong about the formula not making him nuts, or did aquiring superpowers simply give him an outlet for pre-existing psychosis?

2. In his first appearance, Tombstone was shown to be able to easily defeat an off-guard Spider-man. Later on, he shows no real pain from taking a bunch of the Goblin's weapons in the back and is shown to be able to go toe-to-toe with three opponents who were all enhanced in some manner. Do you see him as having some degree of superstrength, or simply as a very well trained combatant with a high pain threshold? Or was it deliberately ambiguous?

3. Just for fun- what exactly was going through Tombstone's head when Venom crawled in through his window? Sure, this is a guy who never loses his cool and finds a way to make use of everyone, but still- a hideous perversion of Spider-man isn't something one sees every day:).

Greg responds...

1. I'll leave that for your interpretation.

2. Deliberately ambiguous.

3. No, it isn't.

Response recorded on November 25, 2009