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Nick Piers writes...

Hey Greg,

I've been a big fan of Spectacular Spider-Man from the beginning and truly belive it's the best rendition of the character in ANY medium.

I'm happy to report that I've bought my copy of Season 1. Additionally, I've been on various forums that I visit to report of its release, several people have already made plans to buy it if they haven't already. So, I very much hope these efforts will help bring about a third season.

Finally, one big question. Everyone else is jumping on the "will bring in Character X" but the answer is usually "Nuh uh! We can't because that character had a movie and we don't have the rigths." Which brings me to:

When will we see Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur? Season 8? 9?

Nick Piers

Greg responds...

<sigh> I don't even have a funny comeback or smart-ass remark.

Response recorded on November 30, 2009