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Derek writes...

Just wanted to say I love The Spectacular Spider-Man, and consider it the most true interpretation of the character in any media outside the comics. Spidey has been my favorite fictional character pretty much since my first issue at the age of 6, a reprint of Amazing #2, and is one of only two comic characters I grew up on (the other being Archie), so he holds a pretty special place in my heart.

I did have a few things I was curious about though:

1) What was your motivation in basing the burglar parts of the origin in "Intervention" on the movie version rather than the comics? To me, Peter refusing to stop the burglar out of pure selfishness and self-righteousness makes his comeuppance (in the form of Uncle Ben's death) more powerful than him doing so to screw the promoter over for not getting paid. However, I'm torn about Ben's death via carjacking vs. break-in. The break-in never geologically made sense, and I love that Ben dies waiting for Peter outside the arena (in essence, it adds another layer of him dying BECAUSE of Peter). But I still feel the carjacking takes away the sheer randomness of the break-in... sure, it's unlikely the burglar would break into Peter's home of all places, but that unlikelihood gives me a sense of this being fate as consequence for Peter's inaction. What was your take on each?
2) Was there a reason we have yet to see spider-tracers, and is this something you'd like to include in (potential) future seasons?
3) Do you have a plan in mind for how Peter developed his web fluid? I've always been one of the ones who found it unlikely that a teenager, even one as intelligent as Peter, was capable of singlehandedly inventing the stuff, although I vastly prefer the mechanical webshooters. I really love the Ultimate explanation for this, in that Peter based the fluid on his father's work for an experimental adhesive.
4) For that matter, are you able to say whether Peter's parents in this series are scientists or S.H.I.E.L.D. agents? I would assume the former, based on Eddie's explanation of how his and Peter's parents died.
5) I'm a little confused on Vulture's motivations as a villain. He started just wanting to get revenge on Osborn, and joined the Six to get rid of his opposition Spider-Man, both of which make sense, but then he's suddenly blowing up a facility in "Shear Strength" and helping Doc Ock take control of the underworld in "Accomplices" and "Gangland." Have Vulture's goals and plans broadened since the pilot?

Again, thanks for a great show, thanks in advance for any answers, and best wishes on getting another season!

Greg responds...

1. There's something to be said for Spidey being simply too arrogant to stop the burglar. But that's still in there with the movie version, and the motivation seems less random to me. And frankly, I think the carjacking is a huge IMPROVEMENT to Spidey's origin. Put's much more of the blame on Pete's conscience.

2. I do eventually have plans to intro the spider-tracers.

3. I have a VERY specific idea for Spidey's web-fluid.

4. Dad was a scientist.

5. I think for better or worse he's tied his boat to his buddy Otto's pier.

Response recorded on November 30, 2009