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Phil writes...

Dear Greg I have a lot of questions around Spectacular Spiderman

There are plans for other villains appearing in the third season?

Other characters such as Ben Reilly, Captain America, etc?

When you think that the third season for this year or next?

What will happen to harry who is now discovered that his father?

And Peter and Liz?

The Hobgoblin's costume will be the same as the Green Goblin only color it orange?

If the fox loses the rights of the Kingpin, as I see it happening, could have a place in the series?

And finally, thanks for making this great series I hope to continue to develop even more

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. See the archives.

3. Huh?

4. I'm not spoiling.

5. Ditto.

6. Don't know yet.

7. See the archives.

You're welcome.

Response recorded on December 07, 2009