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Alex Galucki writes...

Dear Greg,
My name is ALex Galucki, I am a thirteen year old from Georgia (USA). I already watched all of the epiosdes of the Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 from both Disney XD and Youtube. And let me just say that it blew my mind away! It was that awesome! This is by far my favorite Spidey series! I thank you for making a great series.

Anyway, I know there is a chance you might be doing a season 3. And I have some good storyplots for a possible season 3. Which leads to my only question; could I possibly send you scripts for the episodes of season 3? If you say yes, please e-mail me at luckygalucki@bellsouth.net. If you say no, that's alright. I mean they're just ideas.

Alex "Lucky" Galucki

Greg responds...

Sorry, Alex, but no. I don't look at unsolicited submissions or ideas to protect myself from lawsuits.

Response recorded on December 08, 2009