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Todd Jensen writes...

My review for #11, "Tyrants".


I'd long had a vision of Brooklyn, during his Timedancing, confronting his stone self at Castle Wyvern - so I was amused to see that happen here, and on the "cover page".

I'd read since "Avalon Part One" aired about Constantine's nickname being "the Bald", and got a kick out of seeing you incorporate that here.

I liked Constantine's "Three Brothers" line, alluding to your four-parter here.

Another priceless moment: Brooklyn accidentally blabbing about Tom's future to Mary.

Just his luck: the Phoenix Gate trapped inside the stone pouch. And now the Humility Spell's name becomes canon, rather than canon-in-training. Followed by the Wind Ceremony.

Demona's second-in-command from "City of Stone" shows up in her clan. Nice touch.

I liked Brooklyn's "Hit those books" moment - very funny, and such good advice. And I'm certain you've encouraged your readers to study up on 10th century Scottish history with this story.

And Brooklyn has to make an alliance with his old enemy Demona (who hasn't even done the thing he'll hate her for yet). I liked his slip about Hudson's name. (Also Demona frantically lying about her whereabouts during the Massacre.)

Another great cliff-hanger, with a double threat from Demona and Valmont.


Greg responds...

Brooklyn was fun for me here. I was worried I was almost making him too competent... not thrown ENOUGH by what had happened. But it just seemed right, that he'd take things as they came...

Response recorded on December 10, 2009