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Todd Jensen writes...

And now, the final story, "Phoenix".


Great opening, with Goliath brooding at Castle Wyvern in his "Thinker" position.

A fine epic battle scene (looks more 13th century than 10th, but then, so did the medieval portions of "Awakening").

Nice touch with Brooklyn's "Bro" slip.

Bodhe's already timid, even as a kid.

Whoa! Constantine crying out about the Hunter's Moon! Gargoyle-haters using that moon goes back further than I'd thought.

I see you've found a way to reconcile Gillecomgain's historical parentage with his depiction in the animated series as a peasant. Good solution.

Valmont's spell of fiery arrows was another unsettling moment - especially since we got to know at least one of its casualties (Magus the horse), and see the grief of Demona's second as he loses his mate to the enchanted shafts.

I like Demona's line "The spell? Perhaps. Its consequences... never". Very true to the spirit of "Gargoyles".

Constantine clearly foresees Maol Chalvim's future treachery.

So now we get to meet Katana, Nashville, and Fu-Dog at last. (And the egg - I wonder whether "Egwardo" will turn out to be another case where canon replaces the old canon-in-training expectations.) And we know what Brooklyn's injury is. (As I said, missing eyes seem to be turning up a lot in the Gargoyles Universe.)

I wonder whether the Pack's attack was meant as a set-up for #13 - had there been one - or a "hero's work is never done" moment. But it was a great way to end the story, as the expanded clan heads off into battle....

And so "Clan-Building" comes to an end. Thank you very much, Greg, for these new stories.


Greg responds...

Thanks to all of you guys for keeping the flame alive and giving me the CHANCE to tell these stories.

The thing is... Clan-Building was really only about the equivalent of five episodes (give or take). I'm not close to being done telling all the stories I have to tell.

Response recorded on December 10, 2009