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Wolfram Bane writes...

Now that the 'How Many Gargoyles Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?' contest is over, the world may breathe a collective sigh of satifaction... We know the answer to the question that has eluded us for millennia (or at least months...)

Any thoughts as to the next contest. In all honesty, I believe a contest so that we can finally see the elusive gargoyles Timeline. I know a few bits and pieces, but it would be amazing to see a completed Timeline. Being a fan from the beginning, I appreciate the level of effort that went into the creation of a stable continuity. With all the history, legends, time travel and flashback, I do not walk away from the series plagued by continuity errors.

Thank you lots of enjoyment and plenty more within the future.

Greg responds...

You're welcome. No new contests, frankly, until Gore is ready to fix the problems here at ASK GREG.

Response recorded on April 23, 2004