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Todd Jensen writes...

I read Act One of the Radio Play and enjoyed it (it might be second-best to actually hearing the voice actors reprise their roles, but I could still imagine their voices while reading it). I enjoyed the way you wove the two universes together. A few moments that especially stood out to me:

1. Peter's mention of the "Cliff Notes version" of "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

2. Dominique reminiscing about the founder of Ravencroft (these kinds of speeches by spectacularly long-lived characters are generally a lot of fun).

3. The portrayal of Dominic Dracon as still crushed by the denouement of "The Silver Falcon". (I know that this isn't canon, but I think this is exactly the way he'd have gone after the marbles disappointment.)

4. Jonah Jameson getting Travis Marshall on the phone.

5. The meeting between Captain Stacy and Captain Chavez, especially Chavez's "Twilight Zone" remark.

6. The echo of "The Mirror" when Demona's smuggler delivers part of the Spear of Longinus to her home.

7. Demona's meta-reference to the first act at the end.

I look forward to the next instalment tomorrow.

Greg responds...

Glad you like it. Tried to make it fun for fans of both shows.

Response recorded on February 17, 2010