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Todd Jensen writes...

In Act One of "Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns", when Jameson's handing out assignments to everyone at the Daily Bugle, he sends Foswell to investigate the Dominic Dracon part of the story with the words "You know that world!" Now, while I'm not an expert on Spider-Man, I picked up from the discussions of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" in the Station 8 comment room that in the comics, Foswell had apparently lived a double life as a reporter and a crime boss. Was Jameson's line an in-joke about that?

Greg responds...

In OUR (Spectacular Spider-Man) continuity, Foswell lead a double life as a reporter and a small-time stooge named Patch. He also had (long ago) a pulitzer for an expose on the gangster Silvermane. That's what that reference refers to. Not an in-joke.

Response recorded on February 19, 2010