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Chip writes...

Okay, this has been the most anticipated story-line in the entire Gargoyles Fandom…and man it did not disappoint.
First, a shout out to the AMAZING art by Greg Guler…Karine Charlebois said that the art was beyond description at the 08 Gathering…but seeing it nowâ€"it knocks Karine from my favorite gargoyles comic artist to my second fave. (No offense to her, I do still LOVE her work)
So Brooklyn goes gliding away from the Eerie Building…presumably to get away from the Lovey-dovey couple. Too bad they appeared to have followed him. The look of annoyance on Brook’s face was priceless. (Oh, incidentally…it took me ages to figure out what the sign on the building they landed on said. At first, I thought it might be the GOLDEN CUP building from the series, or perhaps the CASABLANCA HOTEL. I finally realized that it’s THE DAILY BUGLE. Clever…you placed so many GARGOYLES references in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN; it was kinda nice to see a Spidey reference in Gargs.)
You waste no time, the Gate appears, and Brook tries to pick it up…and it disintegrates. An enormous two-page Phoenix emerges and swallows Brooklyn whole, leaving Broadway and Angela behind, looking on in horror…I could hear Broadway’s voice…
997, Brook emerges from the flames…I note that the Phoenix itself does not seem to appear, but rather an orange glow just off-screen. It makes me wonder if the Phoenix actually shows up when Brook is arriving, or if he just tumbles out of the flames, with no actual Phoenix manifesting.
I recognized Gillecomgain, Constantine III, and Mail Brigti right away (though, I did not know Mail’s name…just that he was Gilly’s father.) Their reaction’s to Brooklyn’s appearance was not unexpected. Brigti seems indifferent…oh look, a gargoyle. Oh look, a cow. Oh look, a horse. No big deal.
Gilly calls Brook a “demon”. BIG shock there. (Rolls eyes) Constantine orders them to kill it. It reminds me of his “I don’t like Gargoyle Eggs” line in “Avalon Part 1” C and G fail miserably to take Brook down…but this fourth figure…Brother Valmont, uses potent sorcery to shoot a flaming arrow that hits Brooklyn’s leg.
From what the Magus said in “Avalon Part 3” I thought one needed a conduit to use magic…like the Grimorum, but this guy seems to be able to use magic without one.
The next few pages are the most interesting to me…Brook breaks apart the arrow and it bursts into magical flames…makes me wonder if it would have done that if he’d left it in.
Finella tears the wanted poster off the door…and mysteriously…there’s another…and when the guard tears off the poster…there’s yet another. Is this another one of Brother Valmont’s magics?
And then the minions come…and it can’t help the gargoyle-human relations that Brook is red…with horns. Based on Finella’s expressions, I don’t think she’s ever seen a gargoyle before.
Moving on…Maol Chalvim and Kenneth III (AKA The Grim). I like The Grim, but it surprised me that he’s Bodhe’s dad…and it upset me slightly that when I did the historical research that Maol would overthrow him. But…I liked Findlaech’s appearance too.
Then we some cool new gargoyle designs, including a new beast in the foreground, only to see them get smashed. I especially liked the female with the “beard” of spikes. She was cool. And another wanted poster is posted.
And Brooklyn awakes…I love how much Mary has changed in her attitude in just three short years…and Brook makes a Quantum Leap reference…very cool, considering that that show was quite popular in the 90’s. (And still is in some circles)
I love that Brooklyn GETS why he’s here so quickly. He understands how Avalon works, and figures that the Phoenix works the same way. I also think he’s actually pleased with the situation…considering that he’s now away from Broadway and Angela…I would be too in his shoes…and I HAVE been in those shoes before.
And we end with a full page picture of Demona that was so cool I took a picture and made it the wallpaper on my phone, and I’m not even that big a Demona fan. I note she’s holding the wanted poster…and wonder if there is a new one on the cave wall.
I think that I will post my reviews of 11 & 12 at a later date, but I look forward to the arrival of my Bad Guys.

Greg responds...

And I look forward to your reviews, Chip. Thanks!

Response recorded on February 23, 2010