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Todd Jensen writes...

And the release of the trade paperback allows me to say something that I'd wanted to say for over a year, but can mention here at last.

In the spring of 2008, I learned that the solicitation for "Bad Guys" #5 involved Dingo meeting an old acquaintance on the robot-guarded island, and hoped that it would be Falstaff (because of his name). I even mentioned that hope (now fulfilled, so I can mention it here) in the Station 8 comment room.

A few days later, the Sinister Six episode of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" aired on Kids WB for the first time, and in it, Aunt May and Anna Watson went out to see a performance of "The Merry Wives of Windsor", specifically mentioning Falstaff in their conversation. I was flabbergasted with the timing - so soon after my speculation! (And then, St. John Devereaux, who was playing Falstaff, made a phone call to a friend of his named Sydney - and Dingo's from Sydney - was that an in-joke?)

It's a pleasure to be able to share that with you at last.

Greg responds...

I don't think Sydney was an in-joke, just because I didn't write that line.

But Falstaff was clearly on my mind, and when I saw a picture of Devereaux, it seemed a natural.

Response recorded on February 24, 2010