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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

I have another question about the "Timedance" arc of comics: Brooklyn mentions the Spell of Humility, in a way that made me think at first that he had already visited ancient Rome before coming to medieval Scotland. But most of the rest of this arc makes it seem more like this was his first time-trip.
1. So did the Wyvern gargoyles already know about the Spell of Humility back in the 10th century?
2. Do gargoyles of other clans know about it in 1996? In 2006 you said "I think it's inconsistent common knowledge." and I don't know what that means.

And thank you again for answering questions from fans!

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. It means some know about it, some don't.

Response recorded on March 02, 2010