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Zoder writes...

Since it's been several years since Disney XD/ToonDisney has aired Gargoyles during an hour a normal child would watch, many kids in what was the target demographic have no knowledge of Gargoyles unless they are introduced to it through their parents or if a friend happens to have the DVDs. Since I have no children of my own yet, I was wondering how today's kids would view Gargoyles compared to what's currently put out by the networks.

With Benny being around the right age, has he introduced any of his friends to Gargoyles? If yes, were you able to gauge their interest in the show and does it still hold up to the target demographic 15 years later?

P.S. Loved the comics!

Greg responds...

As far as I know, Benny's only ever told his friends about Gargoyles. I doubt he's shown it to anyone.

Response recorded on March 12, 2010