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JJJ writes...

Why does Tombstone in Spectacular Spider-Man look the way he does? I know his origins in the comics, but he has yet to have an origin in the show - is it similar? I always wondered why the public does not question why he looks the way he does - does he tell them it's just a skin condition? Also, his strength is unbelievable - he took down Spidey for crying out loud! Will Tombstone's history be explored in the future if given the chance - or do you think it's best to keep it a mystery? I know that you said Tombstone with superpowers is left for us to interpret - I just would like to know if you have a definite answer for us in the future.

Thanks!!! I love the show!! Fingers crossed for a renewal!!!!

Greg responds...

I have a definite answer, but part and parcel of it is leaving it open to your interpretation.

Response recorded on April 01, 2010