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Robert writes...

Hello Greg. I find the reproductive system for gargoyles fascinating. Something I am wondering though is how magical forces, like Avalon, affect the reproductive process.

Is it possible for mature gargoyles who live in Avalon to leave Avalon, say 6 months before September 21 on a year for which eggs are to be conceived 2007, 2027, 2047, etc, lay their egg in 2008, 2028, 2048, etc, return to Avalon for the period of more or less one Avalon Year only to return to the natural world and par-take in the process all over again, thereby essentially having 3 eggs in under the normal 20 year cycle?

If so, would it be possible to have more than 3 eggs (I know you have said that a gargoyle who has more than three eggs is rare but possible in some circumstances.) What about 10 eggs? Technically a gargoyle would be in physical prime for 40+ years. Could a gargoyle who lived on Avalon produce 40 eggs (regardless of whether or not she would want to).

Also what sort of nutrients go into an egg? When humans give birth, many of the mother's nutrients go into the child, occasionally to the determent to the mother. Would a gargoyle in this situation only be able to have three, maybe four or five tops because of the amount of strain taking place to the mother's body?

On this topic, how many eggs could Demona produce? As an immortal, can she continue to make eggs for the rest of her life? Or is she limited to three (two more)?

Thank you for you time.

Greg responds...

These are all excellent questions, and I haven't made decisions on any of them. Feels like something to be discussed at the next Gargoyles Biology and Culture Panel, except there isn't going to be a next panel, unless we do it online somehow.

Response recorded on April 16, 2010