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Mike P. writes...

1. So now that Marvel/Disney has the rights to Spectacular Spider-Man could you, hypothetically speaking, use the Kingpin as a character now or does the Fox deal still prevent this? I'm confused on how it all works as I'd read before that you planned to use the Human Torch on an episode in the future, but wouldn't he also have been just as unusable due to the FF still being under the ownership of Fox?

2. Harry Osborne's character has developed from being the wimpy friend to the "steroid" using wannabe athelete to now being a vindictive schemer who enjoys watching his former friends (Gwen and Peter) suffer by keeping them apart. Often times it's easy to look at characters with rough upbringings and attribute that as the root of their personal defects, but I get the feeling that a good portion of Harry's actions are from inside regardless of the fact that he was raised by the Green Goblin himself. In your opinion: do you think it's just in Harry's nature to progress this way or has having Norman Osborne as a father figure slowly warped him into being just as Machiavellian and cruel?

Greg responds...

1. All answered before, but now rendered moot.

2. Nature vs. Nurture. I'll leave that to interpretation.

Response recorded on April 26, 2010