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Jonathan writes...

Hey Greg,

I know you've gotten quite a few questions concerning the third season of Spidey but I'm afraid I'll have to add another one.

The last substantial "news" I heard about it was when I attended Comicon 09, where we were told it was basicly still up in the air, awaiting the ratings of season 2. Now, quite some time has passed since Comicon and a major event has occured: Disney has bought Marvel.

Now my question is: Since the Disney buyout, has anything changed concerning the renewal of The Spectacular? Do you feel Spideys chances have grown now Disney is involved (the show was airing on DisneyXD after all)? Or has there been any update on the season 2 ratings?

Thanks Greg, I will remain hopefull.

- Jonathan
- Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Greg responds...

Check the archives, please, for your answer.

Response recorded on April 29, 2010