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TZ writes...

I was wondering about the backstory of Iago's deception to Othello. Could you elaborate on it? (i.e. what circumstance did he make Othello believe Goliath and Desdemona were betraying him, like did he show them kissing or something--I know gargs don't kiss, just a for instance...) Also, how did the situation get reconciled, I mean how did Goliath and Desdemona prove themselves or disprove Iago to Othello? I just wanted to know the story (or as much of it as you'd tell ;)).
Pretty Pretty Pretty Please?
With a cherry on top?

Greg responds...

Yeah... no. Sorry, but that's a story I'd like to tell some day, so I'm gonna save the details, though if you rewatch "Legion" you can glean the gist of what happened.

Response recorded on May 13, 2010