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David B. Jacobs writes...

"IGN: This week he quickly revealed himself to what was left of the Sinister Six. Why did he want to keep it a secret from them last week? "

"Weisman: I think what we saw this week was his inner circle. Tinkerer, Electro, Vulture â€" that's the inner circle. Those people were in on it. But not every member of the Sinister Six was part of that inner circle. So although Sandman, Rhino, Kraven are all free, on the loose and still affiliated with the Master Planner, none of the three of them were part of the inner circle, so they didn't know that Ock was the Master Planner. But the other three did know. So that's what we were trying to show by keeping specifically those three in â€" to tell you the hierarchy. "

1. Now correct if I'm wrong, but I got the vibe that Electro had no idea. In Reinforcement, though I don't remember the exact line, he said something along the lines of how the Doc has changed and isn't the same man anymore, and that he was really disappointed. Then in Shear Strength, he was completely confounded by Ock's revelation! "I don't get it, Doc...." So.... can you explain to this confused fan?
2. Why those three? I've always kind of gotten the feeling of kinship between Ock and Vulture - in Survival of the Fittest, though is Toomes is yelling at Octavius, he also says that Otto recommended Oscorp, so they must've been acquainted beforehand. But Electro? I can understand why he looks up to Otto (I've done a whole character analysis on Electro, in fact), but I can't imagine that Ock would just keep him in the loop to have a good, loyal henchman.... And I mean, Tinkerer's great at, y'know, tinkering and all that, but so's Ock himself, so it's not like he really NEEDS the squealer!

As always, thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

1. He was in on it. Play-acting in Reinforcement. But just because he was in on it, doesn't mean he understood why the subterfuge was necessary.

2. Otto & Adrien are old friends. Maxwell is ridiculously loyal AND powerful. And Tinkerer was useful and necessary since Otto was in Ravencroft.

Response recorded on May 19, 2010