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Anonymous writes...

Hi Mr.Weisman,i love your Spectacular Spider-Man show.It is a fantastic show which i recommend for everyone to watch and i hope Marvel/Disney will renew series.I am very worried that this show may not be renewed or may be there will be some major staff and writer changes and show will become like Gargoyles:The Goliath Chronicles which you consider non-canonical and fans don't really like it.Anyway i have some questions.
1)First of all i know you planned everything from day one(i mean about plotlines,character development,episodes and etc).So i want to ask you do you felt the pressure when you and your team made episodes,do you felt that fans might have considered your show a mediocre one or just they wouldn't like the episodes?
2)What's your opinion about other Marvel shows like Wolverine And X-Men,Iron Man Armored:Adventures and Super Hero Squad Show?
3)Are the chances that there might be release of Spectacular spider-man soundtrack?
4)I'm bit confused,since Disney owns Marvel and Sony returned tv rights of Spider-Man to them,can we fans expect appearance of Wilson Fisk,The Kingpin Of Crime?And does Kingpin exist in Spectacular Spider-Man universe?I mean you can't use other superheroes in your show(yet) but they exist in Spectacular Spider-man universe,so i wonder,does Kingpin exist in Spectacular Spider-Man universe?
So this all my questions,sorry if i made some grammar errors.Bye

Greg responds...

1. Well, you always worry. But we liked what we were doing, and we hoped others would too.

2. I haven't seen them.

3. I'd love it, but I don't know if there are any plans for that.

4. All moot now.

Response recorded on May 24, 2010