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David B. Jacobs writes...

I recall that you've only seen a couple of episodes of Spider-Man TAS, and from your descriptions, I believe they were Season 3 episodes. But the curious thing is that in Alien Costume Part One, a Season 1 episode, the symbiote came to earth via John Jameson's space shuttle, much in the way as in TSSM. So my question is: Is this a simple case of great minds think alike, or was the idea of bringing the symbiote in that way proposed by someone else on the crew who may have seen more of TAS?

Greg responds...

It was my idea and I haven't seen the TAS episode, so I think it's just a logic thing. Watching Spider-Man 3, the coincidence level of the symbiote striking so close to Spidey and his scooter just was a bit much for me. If TAS used the same method than I assume we were using the same logic. Whether that makes our minds great is another matter.

Response recorded on June 04, 2010