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Patricia Dove writes...

This one's about Demona's character.
I'm not sure if you've seen nostalgia critic's review of your series (he gave it 2 claws up), but during the review, he claimed Demona one of the great cartoon villains. She's much like Lady Macbeth with scales eh? But what I want to know is, was she ever truly good? We know she had a softer side once upon a time, but even then she was hostile to the humans' prejudice against her clan. She was double crossing her oath to protect the king back in the archmage days, and over time that hatred inside her grew 10 fold, as we know. So, was Demona just a natural born evil? A true villian? Or during your creation of her, did you ever once think that she was the honest 'Angel of the Night?'

Greg responds...


"Natural born evil"? I don't think that means anything in this context. I think she had her ambitions and inclinations, but I don't think she was born to be a villain in an in-universe sense.

Response recorded on June 07, 2010