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PPL writes...

Hi Greg,

This isn't about Amazing Spider-Man #622, but is sort of related, and something I was wondering about for a while.

How did it come about that Tricia Helfer was cast as the voice of Black Cat on TSSM? I think most people would have known her from Battlestar Galactica, in which she plays a somewhat similar role*.

I noticed that she also voiced Black Cat in a Spider-Man game from 2008. Do you know whether she first did recordings for TSSM or for that game?

I ask because it doesn't seem like she's best known for her voice acting, but also that I wouldn't expect you to allow the casting of voice actors on one of your show solely based only on their reputation as a live-action actor.

*Or multiple roles, if one wants to get into that kind of discussion, but that hardly seems like the right thing to bring up here.

Greg responds...

Actually, we often cast voice actors solely on their abilities on-camera. (Not on their reputations, but on the evidence.) On rare occasions, we're disappointed. Usually, we're not.

I never watched the new Battlestar Galactica, so I was unfamiliar with Tricia's work on it, though I've since seen her in many other things, including Burn Notice and Chuck. But I believe voice director Jamie Thomason suggested her for the role of Black Cat. I also believe that she did Black Cat for us first, before the video game. I know I didn't know about her playing Cat in the game when we cast her, so that's either a remarkable coincidence or else the game followed our lead.

Response recorded on June 08, 2010