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Sarah Anderson writes...

Hi Greg!

Just so you know, Gargoyles is, to me, the absolutely finest animated series I have ever seen. (And I've seen a lot!) So thank you!

Now, one question...you've said that you don't see a lot of gargoyle/human pairings because you want to keep Goliath and Elisa's relationship unique. I get that, and I actually like the idea myself. But (yeah, a but XD), logically, don't you think out of all the billions of human men and women, at least SOME of them would be interested in gargoyles? I mean, within the fandom alone there are lots of people who think the gargoyles are very attractive, so I would think that out of the whole world, there'd be a lot of them that would be more than willing to try a relationship with a gargoyle. And I would imagine that as gargoyles interact more with humans a few would probably get "interested." Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm just thinking aloud, and was hoping to hear your thoughts (in more detail) on the points I just made.

Thanks so much!

Greg responds...

Well... I think you underestimate the reality of the situation. When watching characters (of whatever species) in an animated cartoon, everyone is made of the same ink and paint (or pixels). So the physical differences seem superficial - compared to the appeal or drama or pathos of individual characters, which in a way is how it should be.

But try for a moment to put yourself INTO that universe. Try to truly picture the physicality of the differences in a real world context. I'm not saying it could never happen. And maybe by 2198 it's slightly more likely. But generally, I think that kind of pairing is going to be quite rare. That doesn't mean intense friendships, relationships, emotions won't grow between individual humans and individual gargoyles, but I'd never see it as commonplace.

Response recorded on June 09, 2010