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David B. Jacobs writes...

Hey Greg! I was just rewatching a couple of episodes of TSSM and a few more questions came to mind.

1. In Opening Night, why didn't they confiscate Spidey's webbing when they locked him in the Vault? If he was a real prisoner, they surely would have....
2. Also, I noticed that in the end of said episode, Hobie says "Goblin shall restore amends" instead of "Robin shall restore amends." Obviously this was intentional, but what was DEVERAUX's motivation for changing the line?
3. Had Nick Bottom not been cast before Flash got the part?
4. In Subtext, Hobie is seen at the rehearsal with MJ and Liz. Though I don't Midsummer's by heart, I assuming that meant that he already had a part (he at least had lines - he was cut off by Deveraux again). What was his original part and who replaced him when he became Puck?

Greg responds...

1. True, but that wasn't the point of the exercise. You can't confiscate Rhino's skin. Or Sandman's sand. Some villains just HAVE their powers. So they wanted to see if they could hold a powered hero.

2. Devereaux had clearly modeled the costumes of Cobweb and Puck after Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. He thought that would give the play more resonance for his audience. It was one of the conceits of the production, so he made minor changes to the text to emphasize his choices.

3. No. Devereaux hadn't found anyone in the audition who seemed capable of it. My guess is he was considering "having no choice but to play the part myself"... until he saw Flash's, uh, performance and knew he had the perfect ass for the part.

4. Philostrate, and he still played both parts.

Response recorded on June 09, 2010