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Nelio Belmont writes...

I read through Clan Builder Vol 1 & 2 and was delighted by them. I could imagine in my head the voices of the characters, the background music for the scenes, and the sound effects that existed in the show!

I noticed in these that they had a bit more mature nature to them, in the obvious form of blood, cussing, etc. I also noticed they were more mature in more subtle ways, such as Cold Steel's question about if human necks still sounded the same when they snapped after 1,000 years.

Assuming that Gargoyles got another kick off (hopefully in less that 10 years like we had to wait this time), would you struggle to keep this more mature nature of it even if it were put back into the cartoon medium on children's television?

Greg responds...

I honestly don't know.

Response recorded on June 25, 2010