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AJC writes...


Sorry this isn't about the ASM comic you wrote, although I will read it soon. This is a question I was surprised no one has asked and I'm wondering if you thought about it. My question is concerned with the Spectacular Spider-man show. What's unique about your series is that well, its serialized. We're seeing Peter grow up month by month and were watching the seasons of the year change. I'm assuming you aren't going to do a time jump or anything so finally here are my questions: did you vic, or cheeks ever question how you were going to show pete age visually? Considering this is not like other tv shows where there is no strict chronological time line, did you talk about having peter's design change every year, every mid season etc. to reflect that he is getting older? What about other characters?

I hope I remember to come back and find this question in your blog many months (or years!) ahead because I am intrigued by how you will answer this.

Greg responds...

We talked about it a bit. But our entire first two seasons took place over seven months. And you wouldn't necessarily expect to see much of a change in such a short time. Not that it couldn't happen. Teens certainly shoot up, but as we saw it, Peter would not. As for what might have been... we'll never know.

Response recorded on June 28, 2010