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Akeem M. writes...

Hey Greg,
Thank you for the two Spectacular seasons of what may be the best Spidey series ever. Unfortunately it was cut shorter than it should have been because of things that were beyond your or any of us fans’ control. I have a few questions about the show.

1) What race are Miles and Aaron Warren in the show? They are clearly tanned and a darker shade from the white characters in the show. Also, they are voiced by Brain George, who normally plays South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, etc) characters. So I’m wondering what specific race you made them. And hey I might as well throw Ox from the Enforcers as well, who is also clearly tanned and his voice actor is Latino (Mexican to be specific), so is it right to assume that Ox is Mexican?

2) You said you had plans for Emily Osborn as she is dead in the comics and has been dead since Harry’s birth. My first assumption is to have someone to run Oscorp while Norman is “out of the picture” as Harry is too young to be a CEO of a business. Is this the case, or were there other things behind her inclusion. She just seemed to be there in the scenes we’ve seen her in; she was either cutting food or walking away. Was she in on the identity and antics of her husband’s costumed criminal alter ego?

3) You have also mentioned you had long term plans for Kraven the Hunter in his beastly form. Since we won’t be seeing those plans come to the small screen at all I would like to ask what those plans were. Most people think that you were just going to make him human again, either via Calypso, or some other way. Were your plans for him about regretting his choice to become mutated in order to beat Spidey? Please let us know what your plans were, as it is an intriguing departure from the comics (and you tesased us about it).

4) Now, according to you in, your Spectacular universe it is now well known to the public that Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin after his “final” fight in Season 2. In the comics, the Green Goblin’s identity was a mystery to the general public in the comics until real recently in Spidey’s comic history. In fact, before Norman came back from the dead, Norman’s hobby was the leverage that Roderick Kingsley had on the Osborn family for blackmail during his stint as the Hobgoblin. I’m curious to know why you made this decision and how the Hobgoblin story would have been handled with the information that Roderick had just out in the open to everyone in New York like that.

5) Also, even though it's all moot now, I need to know, what were your major plans for the show had it continued...provided that what you answered above wasn't all of it. You don’t need to give any SPECIFIC details since aside from Hobgoblin and Scorpion showing up in season 3 and Peter graduating high school at the end of the series' run, nothing was ever really set in stone. However you did have some ideas about where you wanted the series to go, and I can assure you that the many other fans and I would love to hear any of your ideas about where you were headed with the show. And...the fact that I'm kinda desprate for ANYTHING Spidey related now that there is nothing on TV until next year....

Greg responds...

1. Yes, we were thinking Indo-European for Aaron Warren and Indian-American for Miles Warren. (The theory was that the Warren moved to the U.S. while older brother Aaron was young and before Miles was born - to explain their differing accents.) Ox is Hispanic. We never specified beyond that.

2. I'm not in the mood to reveal this at this time. (See the answer to #5 for why.)

3. Ditto.

4. Tritto.

5. I had many specific ideas, some of which would undoubtedly have changed over the course of production. But I'm just not too inclined to reveal them. It's not that I'm trying to torture you, it's just that there's no way I can do them justice in this format. I write "X" would have happened, and that one statement will get dissected across the internet. And any idea is only as good as its execution - which you'll now never get to see. It may sound stupid here, but I might have been able (with the help of Vic Cook and all my other many collaborators) to pull it off on the series and have everyone think I'm a genius. Or not. But at least it would have had a shot. I just don't feel like opening myself up to potential second-guessing based on raw notions as opposed to executed episodes.

Response recorded on August 05, 2010