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Algernon writes...

Hey Greg,
Long time fan, first time asker. I’ve actually been posting over on in the Comment Room on and off for the past couple of years. I would have posted something here on Ask Greg sooner but frankly I could never think of anything particularly interesting say other then various permutations of “YOU ROCK!”

Anyway I’ve been a huge “Gargoyles” fan since I first saw “Awakenings Part One” waaay back in ‘94, and I loved “The Spectacular Spider-Man” throughout it’s glorious yet tragically brief run. Needless to say, I’m eagerly looking forward to “Young Justice”.

Yet up until recently, I’d been grossly negligent of the forgotten middle child of your career. A few weeks ago I got the chance to watch season two of “W.I.T.C.H.” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even going back to watch season one and then re-watching season two all the way through again, just so I had all the back story.

Season two was a wonderfully crafted epic that managed to be true to the established continuity of season one yet at the same time managed to elevate and expand it into something truly astounding. I was especially impressed with the characterisation of Nerissa, she seemed to combined some of the most dangerous qualities of Demona and Xanatos, obsessive and vengeful yet at the same time very cool and calculating.

It really is a tragedy that this show isn’t better remembered, I’ve actually spoken to hardcore “Gargoyles” and “Spectacular Spider-Man” fans who’ve never seen it. Personally, I’d heartily recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of your better known toons.

Greg responds...

Thank you.

We were VERY proud of the work we did on W.I.T.C.H. There was some great story craft there by a diverse group of writers, some of whom would be very familiar to Gargoyles and Spidey fans, including Cary Bates, Andrew Robinson, Kevin Hopps, Greg Weisman, Jon Weisman and Nicole Dubuc. Also involved were Sam Bernstein (writer of the movie Bobby's Girl) and Steve Peterman (one of the show-runners on Hannah Montana). And our great boss Justine Cheynet.

Response recorded on September 03, 2010