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Steven D. writes...

First off, I wish to sincerely apologize for comments I made earlier about the Teen Titans animated series. In commenting about the absence of some of the older heroes, like the Justice League, I never meant to take a dig at the show, or imply the said absence hurt the show in any way. I have always been a huge of fan of it and hold the series in high regards, as it had all the things I look for in a great action animated series.
I apologize that my comment implied otherwise. It was only meant to mention the League's absence, how I sometimes thought about their absence, and if including the League was intentionally done to separate Young Justice from Teen Titans (which I now realize from your response to the question was "No").
The last thing I wanted to do when finally got the courage to start posting was insult a classic series like the Titans.

Anyways, yesterday I was watching several video interviews of you on the topic of Young Justice, and I discovered that my all-time favorite superhero, Hal Jordan (Green Lantern; or rather one of them), is in the roster for the 16 member Justice League.
I was very relieved to hear this news, as, for a while, I feared he was one of the few heroes you were still forbidden from using, as he has both a movie and TV show coming out next year, which were both causes of past DC character-embargoes. You also mentioned that he and John Stewart would not have the biggest roles in the series, which of course makes sense, as neither have proteges in the Young Justice team. I just was wondering whether they will be entirely background/cameo characters in the first season, or if there's at least Something planned for one or both of them. I understand if you can't answer that at this time, and don't worry; I'll still watch the show either way.
Thanks again for your time.

Greg responds...

Such a nice post makes it hard for me to answer obnoxiously. Darn you!

But I'm still not going to spoil anything beyond repeating that though both Hal and John are more than mere window-dressing to the series, they do not have large roles because neither has a direct relationship with any of our teen leads. Same is true for Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Wonder Woman and to my own personal frustration, Captain Atom. But all appear, and not simply in the background.

Response recorded on September 13, 2010