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Patrick Gilchriest writes...

Hi Greg, I've been a HUGE Gargoyles fan ever since it first came out. Like most fans, I've been hoping against hope (while realizing it's probably not going to happen anytime this side of 1,000 years) that SEASON 2 VOLUME 2 will finally be released, even after five years. However, there's a new trend I see starting in the TV-on-DVD release universe that MAY provide us with a solution if fans can get back on board and start bugging Disney about it. Have you heard about Disc-on-Demand, sometimes referred to as MOD (Manufactured-on-Demand)? Just in case you haven't, it works just like it sounds...a company says they are going to "release" a season of a T.V. show, but not in stores...you order it online, either via their website or by Amazon, and when you order it and pay for it, they make the set then and ship it to you. They don't have to worry about shipping it to stores and making more sets than meet demand. This way, die-hard fans can get their hands on the material and the company doesn't lose money. CBS and Warner Bros. are both starting to do it with some of my favorite shows that haven't seen releases in a long time due to low sales of earlier sets, much like what GARGOYLES faced. But now, with this new capability, fans can get their hands on this material, and I think it would be terrific if Disney could get on board with this for GARGOYLES. What do you think? Could you post this idea on your site so fans can start writing Disney informing them of their interest? This seems much more possible to me than waiting for them to release it as a mass-release set in stores. Thanks, and have a great day!

Greg responds...

I love the idea!

I admit I don't know how to get Disney interested in doing this for Gargoyles if they aren't doing it for ANYTHING yet. But a letter-writing campaign is a good way to start. Patrick, I nominate you to spearhead this. Post this in the s8 Comment Room and any other Gargoyles site you can think of. (I think there are a couple on facebook.)

If people send actual LETTERS to Disney Home Entertainment, it may have some effect. Especially if a LOT of people send letters. (And if those letters sound reasonable and polite. Draft a sample letter and post that to give people a clear idea what to ask for.

In any case, it can't hurt.

Response recorded on September 17, 2010